Almond Joy Oatmeal Cookies

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My Foray Into Food Storage

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Yesterday, as I was preparing to go to a surprise birthday party for a dear friend, I was trying to think of some yummy treats to bring along with me.  I planned to bring some homemade artisan crackers to serve with goat cheese and vanilla pear jam (click here to learn how easy it is to make these delicious crackers!), but I wanted to bring something sweet like a cookie.

Yummy homemade crackers served with Vanilla Pear Jam over goat cheese.  YUM! Yummy homemade crackers served with Vanilla Pear Jam over goat cheese. YUM!

I took a look in my baking cupboard and found that I was running out of chocolate chips.  Not too great for a so…

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Gluten Free Coconut Crusted Chicken

I decided to try something a little new when I was making chicken this week.  I am a huge coconut fan.  I thought maybe I could give my chicken a little island flavor with some coconut.  Also, if you like chicken that is a little crispy like shake and bake but you don’t want to have to put a bunch of processed/carb-filled breading or seasoning, this works great!


Coconut Crusted Chicken


I used bone in and skin on pieces of drumsticks and wings, but you can use which ever you prefer.

2 Tbsp Unrefined Coconut Oil melted (I used unrefined in this recipe because it retains more coconut flavor than refined)

1/2 a cup Coconut Flour

2 Eggs

1 Tbsp half and half

Shredded Coconut



Whisk the eggs with the melted coconut oil and half and half until well combined.


Place the coconut flour in a separate bowl.


Coat chicken pieces in the coconut flour.


Then dip and coat in the egg mixture.  Dunk it in the coconut flour again and then back in the egg mixture.  Follow this for each piece.  Doing this helps the flour and egg to stick on the chicken and coat it better.


Place coated chicken pieces on parchment paper on a baking sheet.


After the chicken is all coated, sprinkle and pat shredded coconut all over the chicken. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this part of the process!

Bake the chicken a for 30-45 minutes at 400 degrees.  Some bits of coconut may turn brown which is fine and gives the chicken it’s crunchy texture.  If your chicken is taking longer to cook and you are worried about the coconut coating becoming burnt, simply cover the chicken with aluminum foil.


This was one of the best recipes I ever came up with!  I hope you enjoy it!

This website has some awesome gluten free recipes:

Homemade Cadbury Cream Eggs


The week before Easter was  busy one for me as I was decorating and getting ready to have family over Easter weekend.  I was also trying out all sorts of new recipes and one that I decided to try was making my own cadbury cream eggs.  Here’s the process:


First you whip 1 egg until soft peaks form.


You boil your honey on the stove top in a small pot, add the vanilla and dash of salt and when it’s done you whip it into the egg mixture.



Using a double boiler you melt the chocolate and coconut oil together.


Pour the chocolate into the egg molds.  I got mine on Amazon.  Put the empty shells into the freezer for 5 minutes until hardened.



Take them out.  Fill with the egg mixture, lock the shells together and place in the freezer until hardened.  And voila!  Cadbury Eggs!


These were really delicious though a bit messy.  The chocolate shell really wasn’t thick enough in my opinion but if you can’t eat store bought candy for one reason or another, this is a great alternative!

If you want the full recipe and instruction please go here to this wonderful site.

There is also an egg-free version if you are allergic to eggs or prefer not to use them.


I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Coconut Creams

I finally got on here to post about my experience making these.

Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs

I didn’t end up making the peanut butter ones yet, as I didn’t have the energy to whip both up at the same time.  I had some issues earlier this week with neck strain so, that is why this post is a little late.

I am a huge fan of coconut, I can’t lie, so that’s why I chose the coconut ones first.

Here’s a little peek at the process…









Buying the Right Kind of Fish


Tonight’s dinner was a deliciously cooked, fresh cod.  We buy our fish from a store that gets it directly from the fisherman and therefore it is much fresher than that bought at regular grocery stores.

When buying fish, it is important to know the route that your fish took to get to your plate.  The shorter the journey, the fresher and healthier the fish will be.

Look for fish that have been pole or troll caught.  Conventional methods of fishing involve dragging a net which catches just about everything, including the old and dying fish.  Pole and troll caught fish, are caught by fishing poles or large trolls that drag baited hooks in the water.  This method only catches the health fish that are able to swim fast and compete for food.

My favorite method for cooking fish is to pan fry it in grass-fed butter.  I love Kerry Gold butter which is imported from Ireland and tastes amazing!  I add thyme, pepper, fresh lime, and salt to the fish and put the lid on until its done.

Tonight I served it with a baked potato.

Healthy and delicious!

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