Coconut Oil: A Jack of All Trades!


Coconut oil, in my opinion, is the best oil out there.  It can do just about anything.  It has a high smoking point and therefore can be used for high heat cooking without burning or becoming rancid.
It also has anti-bacterial properties so it is really good for you!
It is good for helping to lower cholesterol and is a very healthy source of fat.
Not only is it good for cooking but its also great for baking, putting in smoothies, or drizzling over salads.
There are two kinds of coconut oil available on the grocery store shelves.

One is refined which means its had all it impurities taken out and less coconut flavor.  It also has a slightly higher smoking point but is not as nutritious because the process of refining it also destroys many nutrients.

The other is unrefined which means it more raw and has its full coconut flavor, which by the way is amazing!  It’s smoking point is a little lower than refine but it has maintains all its nutrients therefore making it the healthier option of the two.

Did you know coconut oil has other uses besides cooking and eating it?  Ah, yes, I did say it is a jack of all trades.

It can be used to moisturize your lips better than chap-stick.  It can be put in your hair to make it healthy and shine.  You can rub a little on your face to help moisturize and even help get rid of acne.  Some people even swish it around their mouth, something called oil pulling, to help better their over all health.

I honestly can not say enough good stuff about coconut oil.  It does amazing things for your health and tastes great!


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