Something New

I recently heard about this band from Iceland from another blogger who I subscribe to and after reading her description of how great the band is, I had a listen for myself.  I love everything about Iceland and now I have found something new to love about Iceland!


They are a christian/folk band and their music features many instruments.  The lyrics are simple but thought provoking and fun.

For instance, in their song, “Colt for a King” they sing from the perspective of the colt carrying Jesus.  It is a sweet song with a few simple words that make their point clear.

Read an article about them here.

Just something new and fun to listen to.


Another something new for me, is my new laptop finally comes in on Tuesday so, I will be able to get to a lot more recipes and other posts accomplished with the ease and use of a computer that can come with me where I go.  I am also excited because as I embark on my cross country road trip this summer I will be able to update and post the experience as I go.

Lastly, I think spring might have finally come to the mountains and that’s something new worth singing about!



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