Pot Roast with Veggies, Yum!

Tonight I am making a delicious organic and locally purchased chuck roast for dinner with some carrots and onions purchased from a local farm.

I love roasts as they remind me of when I was growing up and at my grandmothers house.  Just the smell of it roasting in the over brings me back to late afternoon naps on the couch in her living room waiting for the roast to be done.


Nostalgic Pot Roast

1 Pot Roast preferably organic

Organic Carrots

Organic Onions


Penzey’s Rocky Mountain Spice




Worcestershire sauce

I like using different colored veggies for fun!


Brown the beef in the oil to lock in flavor.


Cook the roast according to directions. This one was 325 degrees for about an hour and a half.  Put your spices and Worcestershire sauce on.   After it cooked for an hour I threw in the carrots and onions.


…Tada!  Instant Memories!


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