Buying the Right Kind of Fish


Tonight’s dinner was a deliciously cooked, fresh cod.  We buy our fish from a store that gets it directly from the fisherman and therefore it is much fresher than that bought at regular grocery stores.

When buying fish, it is important to know the route that your fish took to get to your plate.  The shorter the journey, the fresher and healthier the fish will be.

Look for fish that have been pole or troll caught.  Conventional methods of fishing involve dragging a net which catches just about everything, including the old and dying fish.  Pole and troll caught fish, are caught by fishing poles or large trolls that drag baited hooks in the water.  This method only catches the health fish that are able to swim fast and compete for food.

My favorite method for cooking fish is to pan fry it in grass-fed butter.  I love Kerry Gold butter which is imported from Ireland and tastes amazing!  I add thyme, pepper, fresh lime, and salt to the fish and put the lid on until its done.

Tonight I served it with a baked potato.

Healthy and delicious!


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