Homemade Cadbury Cream Eggs


The week before Easter was  busy one for me as I was decorating and getting ready to have family over Easter weekend.  I was also trying out all sorts of new recipes and one that I decided to try was making my own cadbury cream eggs.  Here’s the process:


First you whip 1 egg until soft peaks form.


You boil your honey on the stove top in a small pot, add the vanilla and dash of salt and when it’s done you whip it into the egg mixture.



Using a double boiler you melt the chocolate and coconut oil together.


Pour the chocolate into the egg molds.  I got mine on Amazon.  Put the empty shells into the freezer for 5 minutes until hardened.



Take them out.  Fill with the egg mixture, lock the shells together and place in the freezer until hardened.  And voila!  Cadbury Eggs!


These were really delicious though a bit messy.  The chocolate shell really wasn’t thick enough in my opinion but if you can’t eat store bought candy for one reason or another, this is a great alternative!

If you want the full recipe and instruction please go here to this wonderful site.

There is also an egg-free version if you are allergic to eggs or prefer not to use them.


I hope you had a wonderful Easter!



Easter is coming soon!

With Easter approaching I think for the next few days I will be focusing on some things that I am going to be making and doing for Easter.  Easter is a great time for getting together with your friends and family and if you are a Christian then it also holds a lot of significance for your faith.

My family loves this time a year.  Living in the mountains, it is the time of year when the snow is finally melting and the sun is coming out again!  I also love the colors of Easter.  We usually celebrate with family and friends by attending the Easter service at our church.  Before Church the kids get their Easter baskets and after church we ready our dinner which I will post more about later.

So, while I am thinking of Easter here a couple links to get you thinking about this beautiful time of year!

Bunny Crafts!

Fun Easter Egg Dyeing Methods!


I hope you are as excited as I am about this time of year.  I can’t wait to post more about the food of Easter!