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Homemade Cadbury Cream Eggs


The week before Easter was  busy one for me as I was decorating and getting ready to have family over Easter weekend.  I was also trying out all sorts of new recipes and one that I decided to try was making my own cadbury cream eggs.  Here’s the process:


First you whip 1 egg until soft peaks form.


You boil your honey on the stove top in a small pot, add the vanilla and dash of salt and when it’s done you whip it into the egg mixture.



Using a double boiler you melt the chocolate and coconut oil together.


Pour the chocolate into the egg molds.  I got mine on Amazon.  Put the empty shells into the freezer for 5 minutes until hardened.



Take them out.  Fill with the egg mixture, lock the shells together and place in the freezer until hardened.  And voila!  Cadbury Eggs!


These were really delicious though a bit messy.  The chocolate shell really wasn’t thick enough in my opinion but if you can’t eat store bought candy for one reason or another, this is a great alternative!

If you want the full recipe and instruction please go here to this wonderful site.

There is also an egg-free version if you are allergic to eggs or prefer not to use them.


I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Coconut Creams

I finally got on here to post about my experience making these.

Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs

I didn’t end up making the peanut butter ones yet, as I didn’t have the energy to whip both up at the same time.  I had some issues earlier this week with neck strain so, that is why this post is a little late.

I am a huge fan of coconut, I can’t lie, so that’s why I chose the coconut ones first.

Here’s a little peek at the process…









Buying the Right Kind of Fish


Tonight’s dinner was a deliciously cooked, fresh cod.  We buy our fish from a store that gets it directly from the fisherman and therefore it is much fresher than that bought at regular grocery stores.

When buying fish, it is important to know the route that your fish took to get to your plate.  The shorter the journey, the fresher and healthier the fish will be.

Look for fish that have been pole or troll caught.  Conventional methods of fishing involve dragging a net which catches just about everything, including the old and dying fish.  Pole and troll caught fish, are caught by fishing poles or large trolls that drag baited hooks in the water.  This method only catches the health fish that are able to swim fast and compete for food.

My favorite method for cooking fish is to pan fry it in grass-fed butter.  I love Kerry Gold butter which is imported from Ireland and tastes amazing!  I add thyme, pepper, fresh lime, and salt to the fish and put the lid on until its done.

Tonight I served it with a baked potato.

Healthy and delicious!

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Getting Started on Paleo

I have had a lot of questions about the Paleo diet and its relation to helping people be successful in losing weight so I decided to do a blog post on it.  Call it a crash course on the Paleo way of  life.

First, let’s talk about what Paleo is all about.  The way I see it, for me, Paleo is about natural/organic, clean eating.  One thing that drew me to Paleo is that it is anti-inflammatory and because of my constant battle against inflammation, I knew this would be a great fit for me.

Some people look at “diets” as restrictive, time consuming, or even just a plan that they stick to so they can lose weight and then go back to life as usual.  I don’t advocate diets, but rather a lifestyle change which now-a-days has become a bit of buzz phrase.  What it means, is that if you want to live a healthy life at a healthy weight and be successful at keeping the weight off you need to overhaul your entire way of eating and looking at food.

Paleo can decrease inflammation, clear up your skin, give you back your energy, help you lose and keep weight off and make you feel fantastic when followed properly.

Now, you’re wondering the big question: “What am I not allowed to eat?”  But, let’s actually rephrase that to: “What am I allowed to eat?”  Looking at it from this perspective starts you out with a positive outlook on this change in your eating habits and the answer is: “ALOT!!”

Focus on eating things that have grown from Planet Earth.  For example, pretty much nothing McDonald’s serves is from Earth.  That may seem funny but its completely true.  Don’t eat at fast food restaurants if you want to live a long and healthy life.  Fried foods in general are a killer.

Pretend you are living in a hunter/gatherer society and you can’t just go to the store to buy food.  What would you find in the wild to eat?  Eat that.  You could find fruits growing on trees and greens for salads as well as some berries and nuts and maybe even some meat.  If you couldn’t find it running around somewhere on Earth or growing, run away from it!

My rule of thumb is to fill 1/2 my plate with veggies.  Green veggies are preferred because they are just full of fiber and nutrients.  Then about 1/4 Meat and 1/4 Fruit.

When shopping for meat you really want to look for grass-fed and organic choices.  We are talking eating clean here, right?

Focus on the ratio on your plate each meal and have fun mixing it up.  Snack on nuts,  fruit, and veggies leisurely throughout the day and don’t worry about calorie counting.

Did you know stress can add to weight gain?  Trust me, I know it can.

I have lost and maintained a weight loss of 30 pounds for over a year now and it’s super easy on this diet.  I have a lot more tips but if you are just starting out now, educate your self and start with this advice.

Also, read this article.

Leave a comment or message me if you have more questions and I will happy to answer and follow up.

Happy Hunting, Paleo People!

Change is Good!

You may have noticed a little change when you visited my blog today.  The format is still the same but the look and feel has changed.

It’s finally feeling like spring in my neck of the woods, dear readers, and today kicks off my spring vacation.  I am so excited.

I was a bit leery of changing the look of my blog but this template was just so fun and cute and reminded me of fun spring/summer activities like fishing and swimming that I decided to go with it.

I hope you like it!  Let me know!